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Masterclass Preview - Course Coming Soon!

Masterclass Preview - Course Coming Soon!

Hours of Video

Hours of video to help you crush law school. Each video is specifically focused to give you the tools you need to ace your exams. Our instructors speak from experience.


Tactical Strategies

With on-the-ground experience our instructors distill years of knowledge into a set of tactical strategies to help you gain an advantage over your fellow law students.  Don't blindly go through law school. Know what to expect; earn your confidence.


The Legal Eagle Masterclass on Crushing Law School


Our course provides over 6 hours of HD video instruction to explain the secrets of law school that others aren’t -- or won’t -- teach.  It is a comprehensive course that provides the tips we all wish we had from before law school starts through your finals and beyond:


Module 1 - Introduction to the Course and Goals


Introduction to the philosophy of the course.  No one has an infinite amount of time.  You have to prioritize.  How do you know what to prioritize?  What is the goal of law school?


Module 2 - The 10 Truths of Law School


If we question everything about law school, what are the fundamental premises?  What are the universal truths of law school?  There are 10 immutable truths about law school that guide our approach.  If you know the rules of the game, you can begin to hack the system.  


Module 3 - Introduction to Law School Essays (Issue Spotting Exams)


At the end of the year, your grade depends on one final exam.  It’s almost always an “issue spotting exam.”  Since we want to focus on things that will help us on exams, we must learn the basics of what the exam looks like.  


Module 4 - What to Do Before Law School


What to do before you attend law school to make your life in law school easier.  What products you might consider buying, what steps you might want to take, what skills you should develop.  Beneficial to think about even if you’re already in law school


Module 5 - Hacking the Regular Semester


The road to crushing your law school exams starts during the regular semester.  Stop wasting time on case briefs.  Learn how to summarize cases in 3 lines.  Learn the #1 most important thing you can possibly do to get A’s on your exam.  


Module 6 - Studying For Maximum Retention and Minimal Effort


Knowing the law is necessary, but not sufficient (LSAT joke!) to doing well on exams.  You can think about the law like tools to be used on the exam:  you need to gather all of the tools you might need, and they need to be organized in a way that you can instantly pull them out when necessary.  


Module 7 - The Eagle Eye SystemⓇ - Advanced Essay Writing


This is the big one.  Obviously you need to learn the law in law school, but equally important is mastering the issue spotting exam.  Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to learn how to ace an issue spotting exam in any subject.  It’s a skill, and any skill can be learned.  You just need a system and a little guidance.


Module 8 - Final Take-Aways


You have all the pieces.  Now you just need to put the pieces in place.  You can now work smarter, not harder.  


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