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(this is my actual report card from my first semester: Straight A's, 4.0 GPA)

My GPA allowed me to get my dream job: trial lawyer at one of the best firms in the country (top 30). 


For the past ten years, I’ve practice civil litigation in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. Right out of law school I was able to snag a highly coveted big firm job and pull down $160,000+ per year. 


And I’ve handled multi-million dollar cases all over the country; I’m licensed to practice in California, New York, Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland (you think one bar exam is hard? Try five.) 


My work has been covered in Law360 dozens of times. But I’m getting ahead of myself. It all starts with law school.


But I’m getting ahead of myself. 


It all starts with law school.

But before you go, I wanted to introduce myself:

Hi, I’m Devin, the head instructor and CEO of Legal Eagle.  


I did well in law school.​ 

Really well.  


​Here is the proof from my first semester at UCLA Law

(crim law, torts, civ pro):

When I was accepted to UCLA Law, I was ecstatic. This was the BIG leagues of law schools, and my first step toward becoming a big-time trial attorney. What Kareem Abdul Jabbar did for UCLA basketball, I would do for the UCLA Law School of Law. There was just one, small problem: “Common wisdom” said I was going to crash and burn in law school.


Here’s why:

  •  I read very slowly. You might call it glacial. Reading 10 cases per night 3x each, wasn’t going to happen.

  •  I cherish my free time. It’s my favorite kind of time—in law school, you’re not supposed to have any of it.

  •  I wanted to be a lawyer not a scholar. Years of academic research is my version of hell.

  • ​I wasn’t willing to give up my personal life. I’m willing to work hard for short bursts, but I refuse to give up my sleep for months at a time—law school doesn’t want you to sleep, doesn’t want you to eat, it just wants you to read.

  • ​My health is important to me. I wasn’t going to become a lawyer only to shorten my lifespan—and that’s what the stress of the law school environment does, especially in your 1L year.

Most of my friends and family thought law school would be a disaster for me, based on what conventional wisdom said. But that’s because “common wisdom” is crap. “Law school success is just a matter of working hard,” the professors say, “work hard, and you’ll emerge at the head of the pack.” Really? Because it sure seems to me like every law student “works hard.”  Didn’t we all work hard to get into law school? The law school curve dictates – no matter what –only the top 20% of the class gets A’s, the middle 60% get B’s, and the bottom 20% get C’s. You’re telling me only the top 20% works hard? Bullshit. Tell the B-students they “didn’t work hard enough to get an A,” and you’ll get punched in the face. Rightfully so, I might add. 


If “hard work” was all that mattered, the sure-fire way to get to the top of your class would be to eat caffeine pills like tic-tacs and sleep when you graduate. But law school doesn’t work like that. 

So, how does law school work? 


That’s a question I asked myself when I was standing in your shoes years ago. 


Like you, I didn’t know what to really expect. 

But, fortunately for me, I got the most important lecture of my entire life right before I started 1L. One of my college professors—a retired lawyer—liked to give his graduating students some advice about law school, advice I’m going to share with you. His few tips ran contrary to the standard law school advice I had been getting (for example he told me to outline my classes from day one – most people wouldn’t do it but by outlining from the start I would be way ahead of everyone else when finals started.)

His insights blew my mind wide open.  They were the foothold I needed to buck all the generic advice I had been given, and do something radically different. So, I threw Law School Confidential in the trash and started testing. I stopped making assumptions about law school—“because everyone else is doing it,” would no longer be good enough. I was going to forge my own path and built an entire law school study system from the ground up.

So I did, and it worked.
Here is another close up of that report card from my first semester at a Tier-1 law school (crim law, torts, civ pro):

My GPA was so high, I got a scholarship after I started law school (they gave me a scholarship between my first and second semester to prevent me from transferring).


My system worked all three years and I graduated with an A- average that led to my dream job as a trial lawyer in one of the best firms in the country.

And in my free time (you’re damn right I had free time), I :

  •   Spent every ski season snowboarding in Lake Tahoe

  •   Kicked back in Mexico and Florida for spring break

  •   White Water rafting in the summer

  • ​ Earned every achievement in Call of Duty

(Spring break in law school)

(On top of a mountain)

My grades also gave me the flexibility to do ALL the extra circulars:

  •   I was a 4-time law school mock trial champion

(2x Stanford; 2x American Trial Lawyers Association)

  •   I was a Moot Court Champion

(including multiple Outstanding Advocate awards)

  •   I was a member of the Entertainment Law Journal

  • ​ I was the TA for a Business Law class

(Winning 1st place in Mock Trial)

(Background: multiple Moot Court and Mock Trial awards; Foreground: Nerf gun)

But as proud as I am of the A’s and A+’s, I’m even more proud of everything else I learned in law school:

  •   Golf (to a 10 handicap)

  •   Guitar (including the solo of Stairway to Heaven)

  •  Crossfit 4x per week (it’s a cult, but the good kind)

  •   Gourmet cooking (no take-out for me)

  •  Learned to ride a motorcycle (so much fun)

(The summer associate golf tournament)

(Track day on the motorcycle)

Standard Law School Advice Sucks...

The thing I hate about most law school advice is all the bullshit – all the superstitions, the platitudes, and the worn-out clichés: Keep up with the reading! Work hard! Brief every case! Gee, thanks. - It worked for this one student in my class! Uh, maybe that person succeeded in spite of that advice they were given, and not because of it.


The bottom line—it’s all new to you and it’s not clear what works and what doesn’t. Finals are the only grades that matter, but you get zero feedback until after your finals are over. So you end of having to study everything, doing hundreds of hours of useless crap work that won’t help on the final, because you don’t know any better.


I can’t stand that. I can’t stand the amount of B.S. busy work you and every other law student insist on doing for no reason. Why do the maximum amount of work to maybe get an A, when you could do the minimum amount necessary and definitely get an A? 


Well, to start, there is one thing you need to understand:

Law School is fundamentally different than Undergrad

When you were an undergrad, you could cram the night before a test and you might do OK. But guess what?


“Studying hard” isn’t remotely enough to succeed in law school. Typing up detailed notes and hitting the books like a fanatic won’t work like it did in college. Law school is a completely different beast. Not only is your entire grade based on one end-of-the-semester exam, but the exams are unlike anything you’ve ever seen in your academic career.

From middle school through college, “knowing the answer” was enough for an A. Not anymore. 


The old test-taking tactics you developed in middle schools, high school, and college don’t help in law school. This is why understanding the framework of law school is so important to doing well. 


If you can master the framework, you’ll know exactly what to look for in your case studies, and you won’t need to take pages of super-detailed notes that are impossible to recall during exams. You’ll start smashing every exam and soaring past your peers on the way to the top of your class.

It’s called “law school” but it should really be called “essay school”

In law school your final exam essays are worth 100% of your grade. Class participation? 0%.  Quizzes?  Don’t exist.  Book reports? GTFO.


Almost all first year classes (and most 2L and 3L classes) use Issue Spotting Exams (aka Hypothetical or Hypo Exams). Law school issue spotting exams fundamentally different from college tests and term papers. They are not information dumps – memorizing facts won’t help. 


If your college exams asked you to “explain the history of the automobile,” your law school exams are going to ask you to take an unsorted box of parts, use those parts to build a car, and then race that car against every single other student in the class. 


Law school exams are all about “thinking like a lawyer” and applying the law. But the irony is that you are expected to think like a lawyer before you’re a lawyer. Almost everyone focusses on learning the law – and that’s definitely necessary. But they fail to focus on the thing that really matters: writing a law school essay.


But here is the secret: writing a prize winning, top-of-the class, A+ essay is a skill.  And like any skill it can be practiced and learned. Because almost all professors use Issue Spotter exams, the same strategies apply. Professors might not even know it themselves, but they all grade the same way.    

The same skills apply whether you’re taking a Contracts final or a Torts final, you can learn the skills of how to write a perfect Issue Spotting Exam before you have learned the substantive law. In fact, it’s actually better to learn essay writing separately. The same strategies will show you how to spot all the issues and write a killer essay in every class. Think back to the LSAT. At first the logic games seemed impossible. But once you know the strategies, it becomes infinitely easier. 


Writing a law school essay might seem like a dark art, but when you look at it piece by piece, you see a repeatable process that will work on any exam in any class. 

What you need is a guide that breaks down law school exams and takes you step by step through the writing process.

But when we looked around, we saw that everything available was terrible. When you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. 


So we built the best law school essay writing system on the planet. We took the best parts from our own experience, LEEWS, Law School Confidential, Getting to Maybe, LarryLawLaw, Law School Toolbox, Planet Law School (and about a dozen more) to form the single greatest law school tool ever devised. 


We teach you how to write every essay in every class in a way that is guaranteed to get you better grades in law school. You will never fear another law school exam.  

We built the best law school essay writing system on the planet.

The Legal Eagle Masterclass is rooted in the principle that every single piece of information you study needs to be relevant and valuable to your final exam—if it’s not, it’s not worth studying.


Our masterclass will teach you what to look for so you’re not squandering your precious time with worthless facts and figures—you’ll be studying less, learning more, and getting better grades than your classmates.


The hidden benefit is that once you know what a final exam looks like and what a good essay requires, it changes the way you read cases, outline, and study.  That’s because you’ll know what can be relevant to an essay and what can’t.  


It cuts out all the busy work. The amount of time you will save is staggering. We started with crushing final exams and worked backwards from there.


We built an entire system that deconstructs law school including:

  • Learn Time Management tools that will save you hours

  • Create the perfect Outline for studying

  • Gain laser focused study habits 

  • Cut out all the busy work from class preparation

  • And more...

Legal Eagle is the secret weapon to working smarter and getting A’s in law school.


It’s Complete Enlightenment: These are practical, on-the-ground tactics for all aspects of law school—homework, classwork, outlines, studying, and—most importantly—EXAMS.

The Crush Law School Masterclass

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