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I want to show you how ANYONE can absolutely ACE law school.


And by ACE I mean A’s, not B’s and B+’s.


Here’s the deal…


When I was a senior in college, my business professor—this ruffled, wiry-haired man with every eccentricity under the sun—invited me to a meeting with some other soon-to-be law students. At the meeting, he promised to reveal the secret to acing law school essay exams, and enjoying a vibrant, A-filled law school career.


Yeah—I know how that sounds…nuts.


And at the time, that’s exactly what I thought.


“Wow—Professor Friedman is really starting to lose it.”


So, I politely declined the invitation.


…But Professor Friedman wouldn’t have it. He hounded me for days:


“James, you need show up to this meeting.”


“James, promise me you’ll make it on Thursday.”


Of course (and you already know where this is going) I eventually caved.


“OK—Professor, I’ll be there.”


So, Thursday night rolls around and it’s time for the meeting. There are 10 or 12 of us gathered in this tired, subbasement classroom I never even knew existed. We’re sitting there in these scratched and scarred desks from the 1980s talking about summer plans when Professor Friedman comes shuffling in.


He greeted us, we responded in-kind, and within five-minutes he was SWINGING the hammer of knowledge like actor Thor swings the hammer of Mjolnir.


Whatever doubts and reservations I had about showing-up that night were OBLITERATED.


This seasoned business professor was dropping knowledge-bomb after knowledge-bomb about law school. Groundbreaking stuff that no-one—not my undergraduate advisors, not my pre-law professors, not my law-school prep courses—had ever shared with me.


Not once did he tell us, “write more detailed case briefs,” or “read every case three times” or “wait to do your outlines until the end of the semester.”


This quirky, energetic Business Professor spent his evening introducing us to studying and test-taking techniques that were totally unexpected and totally awesome.


He didn’t just give us the keys to the car of law school, he lifted up the hood and showed us how every part of the engine worked, highlighting exactly what law school professors look for in high-scoring exams, and explaining why the traditional approaches to studying in law school don’t work.  


Hours later when I was walking back to my dorm, I remember feeling like I had just been given the map to a gold mine of success.


And looking back on it today, I can say with total certainty that Professor Friedman handed me an academic Holy Grail.


What Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was to physics, Professor Friedman’s 1-night crash-course was to my law school experience.


The techniques he taught me that night are why I completely knocked my written exams out of the park, and totally aced all three years of law school.

The No B.S. Way to Acing Law School While Studying LESS

Than All of Your Peers.

Everyone Else is Doing it WRONG.


Mr. Friedman’s lessons about hacking the law school exam system gave me a leg-up on everyone else when I got to law school, but those lessons were just the beginning.


I expanded on his foundational ideas to create a complete system of study for law school.


A system that shaves hours and hours off the weekly student workload while simultaneously increasing the likelihood of locking-up a 4.0 every single semester.


And now I want to share my system, and my success, with you.



The Thing Most Law Students Miss


Here’s the thing about law school that most students miss…


There is an invisible “blueprint” or “rulebook” underlying every exam you’ll take in law school.


How invisible is it?—well, I’ll put it to you this way…


…your law school Professors follow this rulebook to score your exams, but they don’t even know it exists. They just think they know a good exam when they see one.


If you can master this “blueprint,” you can turn law school into a cakewalk. You’ll earn top-notch grades and smile as the best law firms in the country compete to hire you.


Law School Is Fundamentally Different Than Undergrad


When you were an undergrad, spending all of your time studying and cramming information into your head might have been enough to ensure an A.


But, guess what?


“Studying hard” isn’t remotely enough to succeed in law school.


Typing up detailed notes and hitting the books like a fanatic won’t work like it did in college.


Law school is a completely different beast. Not only is your entire grade based on one end-of-the-semester exam, but the exams are unlike anything you’ve ever seen in your academic career.


From middle school through university, “knowing the answer” was enough for an A.


Not anymore.


If your college exams asked you to “explain the history of the automobile,” your law school exams are going to ask you to take an unsorted box of parts, use those parts to build a car, and then race that car against every single other student in the class.  Oh ya, and it's winner takes all.  


The old test-taking tactics you developed in middle school, high school, and college won’t help in law school.  They might even hurt.  


This is why understanding the framework of law school is so important to doing well.


If you can master the framework, you’ll know exactly what to look for in your case studies, and you won’t need to take pages of super-detailed notes that are impossible to recall during exams. You’ll start smashing every exam and soaring past your peers on the way to the top of your class.


And when you get to the top, the prized internships, lauded clerkships, and sought-after big-firm jobs will be yours for the taking.


Your case briefs need to be three lines of solid gold, exam-acing knowledge—not dozens of pages of unfilterable, mind-numbing facts.




The Legal Eagle Masterclass starts with an introduction to the all-important invisible rulebook for law school, but the rulebook is only the first half of the recipe for success.


Learning how to apply the invisible rulebook—that’s the other half.


You’ve got to understand how to use the knowledge.


Then, and only then, will you be able to lock-up A’s with less time and effort than your law school classmates.  


Introduction to the Course and Goals

Learn how to prioritize your time, focus on what’s important, and understand WHY it’s important.


The 10 Truths of Law School

This is your introduction to the invisible framework and rulebook of law school—this is how you hack the system.


Introduction to Law School Essays (Issue Spotting Exams)

Here we breakdown the dreaded “issue spotting exam” and show you how to crush it.


What to do Before Starting Law School

Proper preparation is critical for success in law school—this module demonstrates special tactics you can use to hit the ground running.  Stuff you can do even after you've started. 


Hack the Regular Semester

This is the #1 thing you need for getting A’s on your exams—we’ll show you how to distill case briefs into just 3 lines of exam-acing information, get the most out of lectures, and build perfect outlines. 


Studying for Maximum Retention and Minimal Effort

Learn how to focus on only the most useful material in order to cut study time in half. 


Advanced Essay Writing with the Eagle Eye System

Want to ace the hated “issue spotting” exam”? This is the system that works for every test and every subject.


Final Takeaways

Here’s where we put it all together—now get out there and start getting your A’s!


How the Legal Eagle Masterclass Works


The majority of students approach law school the same way they approached college.


They spend hours reading, taking super-detailed notes during class, and engaging in excruciating quantities of rote memorization.


But what they’re really doing is wasting time and burning precious mental bandwidth.  They put in an insane amount of work but might only get mediocre grades. 


The Legal Eagle Masterclass is rooted in the principle that every single piece of information you study needs to be relevant and valuable to your final exam—if it’s not, it’s not worth studying.


Our masterclass will teach you what to look for so you’re not squandering your precious time with worthless facts and figures—you’ll be studying less, learning more, and getting better grades than your classmates.  

Fitting the Masterclass into Your Schedule


Well…it shouldn’t be THAT hard.


The Legal Eagle Masterclass takes less than a full day.


That means you can start learning at breakfast and be kicking ass by dinner.


A single day of committed study to dominate EVERY day of law school until graduation.


The Legal Eagle Masterclass consists of eight, video-based modules, that you can take on at your own pace—complete everything in one day, or spread the learning out in accordance with your schedule.




The Legal Eagle Masterclass is Right for Everyone


First-year law students

Did you get ROCKED your first semester? Was the workload totally overwhelming? Jump into the Legal Eagle Masterclass now and master the easy-to-learn principles that will make the rest of your law school experience a breeze.



Already finished your first year? Not to worry, the Legal Eagle Masterclass is just as valuable for 2Ls as it is for 1Ls. Remember, it’s never too late to start acing exams and dominating law school.  There are still a lot of class units out there.  Excel while others are slacking off. 


College Seniors

If you’re looking for an easy way to get 1L off on the right foot, the Legal Eagle Masterclass is it. By taking the Masterclass before you start your first semester, you’ll earn an inside look at what law school is really like. And when all your classmates are struggling to figure out why they ended up with C’s after the first semester, you’ll be sitting pretty with A’s across the board.


Calculating the Cost of the Legal Eagle Masterclass


The Legal Eagle Masterclass costs $397.


That’s less than a half hour of billable time for an attorney at a top law firm.


And a little more than one hour of billable time for an attorney at a below-average law firm.


So, while that $397 might feel expensive right now, it's practically nothing in the grand scheme of things.


Especially considering the Legal Eagle Masterclass leads to top-grades, which lead to job opportunities in top law firms.


But think about the cost in terms of your total bill for law school as well.


According to a 2014 report from the American Bar Association, the average cost (tuition, books, fees, and living expenses) of attending a private law school is approximately $65,000 a year, and $50,000 per year for a public law school.


That means the $397 Legal Eagle Masterclass—a surefire ticket to better grades and better employment opportunities after graduation—is between 0.5% and 0.7% of your annual law school bill.  


It’s a tiny investment with MASSIVE returns.


Heck, you’re going to spend $2,500 on your 1L case books alone, and unless you know exactly what to look for, that’ll be $2500 down the drain.


Better yet, think about like this…


If—by investing an extra seven tenths of one percent into your law school education—you could virtually guarantee graduating at the top of your class, would you do it?




Instant Access

To more than six hours of video and eight short online modules, with an easy-to-follow flow for mastering law school, start to finish.


Timeless Timetable

Buy the Legal Eagle Masterclass and own it for life! Knock out the course on your own time. Do it in a day or hammer it out over a couple weeks.


Complete Enlightenment

These are practical, on-the-ground tactics for all aspects of law school—homework, classwork, outlines, studying, and—most importantly—EXAMS.


  • You’ll get ahead of your class because you’ll have knowledge and the framework for success

  • You’ll study less and retain more because you’ll have laser-focus and key information recall for exams

  • You’ll dominate your finals because you’ll know exactly what professors are looking for.


Ready for the fun part?


The Legal Eagle Masterclass is backed-up with a 60 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!


If the Legal Eagle Masterclass doesn’t help you start saving time and acing your exams within 60 days, you get your money back, no questions asked.


The Masterclass is the Only Way to Dominate Law School


The most common misconception around law school is this:


“My professors, classmates, and former law students

can tell me how to do well.”


Except they can’t.


Your professors assume you’re either cut out for being a lawyer, or you aren’t. Their advice will be limited to “study hard and take good notes”.


Your classmates are as inexperienced and uninformed about the realities of law school as you are. Whatever information or insights they have, you have as well.


And the former law students you know won’t be able to tell you how they thrived specifically—the best you’ll get out of them is “I studied for hours, wrote really thorough case briefs, and got into a groove of working really hard.”


But this isn’t the only misconception! There are others too!


“Commercial outlines will teach me everything

I need to know for the exams.”


Commercial outlines are a great first-step in your mental mastery of the law, but you can’t memorize an entire commercial outline come exam time.


You need to know how to distill information into usable, easy-to-remember chunks if you want to ace your exams.


Besides, reading commercial outlines won’t teach you how to write smart, potent essays.


“I did really well in undergrad, so I’ll do well in law school.”


These are NOT the exams you took as an undergraduate, and your ENTIRE grade depends on how well you do. This is where the rubber meets the road—you need to know exactly what to look for and how to apply it.


“I don’t want to stunt my education by taking

a shortcut just to get good grades”


Studying the law is fascinating, but there aren’t enough hours in the day to note every detail from every case in every class. There will be plenty of time to read Oliver Wendell Holmes and Ronald Dworkin when you graduate with stellar grades and land your dream job.  Until then, it’s much more profitable to focus on giving yourself a competitive advantage.


The Bottom Line?


The Legal Eagle Masterclass is the only way to put in less work and pull out more success from law school.


A Success-Filled Future has NEVER Been This Accessible


This is about more than amazing grades. This is about an amazing future.


Your grades have always been the key to next step.


High school grades to get into the best college possible…


College grades to get into the best law school possible…


Law school grades to get into the best internship or clerkship possible…


The best internship or clerkship to secure the job offer of your dreams.


It all starts with GREAT grades.


So, if you’re ready to get ahead of the curve (literally) and start flying towards the high-earning legal career you’ve always wanted, then you’re ready to register for the Legal Eagle Masterclass.


Your law school experience is about to get awesome.


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"Legal Eagle allowed me to walk into law school with a clear roadmap for success.  I knew what I needed to do ahead of time because of Legal Eagle's help.  I knew how to manage my time, and focus all my attention on the things that would help me on my finals. I had heard about 1Ls burning out before the end of the first semester, but I kept up with the workload without any trouble.  Legal Eagle really made my law school experience demonstrably better."

Gracie W.

UC Hastings College of the Law

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