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You have what it takes to get

A’s in law school.

Doing well in law school isn’t a dark art.


And it doesn’t take a deal with the devil.


Anyone can crush law school—all it takes is one weekend and the Legal Eagle Masterclass.

Eliminate the Time-Wasters

Most people first-year students think law school will be the same as college—only harder. The reality is, nothing could be further from the truth. The tactics and techniques you used as an undergraduate will NOT work in law school.


With the Legal Eagle Masterclass, you’ll learn how to avoid time-wasting tactics and useless study habits.

Maximize Your Impact

Law school exams are nothing like college exams, which means you have to study for them in a completely different way.  Legal Eagle is here to show you how to cut out the crap, so you can zero-in on what works and lock-down A’s with ease.


Dominate Your Finals

Most law school students walk out of finals with frayed nerves and bags under their eyes. Legal Eagle students walk out with confident smiles, knowing they just locked-up another A. This isn’t a program for passing final exams. This is a program for breaking them down and beating them into a pulp.



I just started law school and things are crazy.


We know. We were there.  Even though we got straight-A’s, 1L and 2L were brutal, and that’s why we want to help you.


I’m going to law school and I want to get a leg up on the competition...


If you want to get ahead of your law school peers, the Legal Eagle Masterclass is the best way to guarantee you hit the ground running when you arrive.


I just started my second semester and I want to get better grades...  


We get it—first year grades basically define what kind of job opportunities you’ll have when graduate. Our Masterclass will give you what you need to crush your 2nd semester exams.

The Legal Eagle Masterclass- A Closer Look

These are the law school secrets no one else is teaching. A comprehensive masterclass that includes ALL the advice we wish we had when we were in law school.

Module 1 - Introduction to the Course and Goals

No one has an infinite amount of time. You have to prioritize. This is where we introduce the fundamentals of the Legal Eagle Masterclass.


Module 2 - The 10 Truths of Law School

What are the fundamental premises of law school? What are the universal truths? There are 10 immutable truths to law school that guide the Legal Eagle approach. These truths are key to hacking the exam grading system.


Module 3 - Introduction to Law School Essays (Issue Spotting Exams)

At the end of the year, your grade depends on a single final exam. This is almost always an “issue spotting exam.” Getting an A on this exam means understanding it’s fundamental components.


Module 4 - What to Do Before Law School

There are things you can do before starting law school that will make your like markedly easier. Products you can buy, preemptive measures you can take, and skills you can develop.   


Module 5 - Hacking the Regular Semester

Crushing your law school exams starts during the first semester—stop wasting time on detailed case briefs, and learn how to succinctly summarize a case in just three lines. Here is where we cover the single most important thing you can possibly do to get A’s on your exams!


Module 6 - Studying For Maximum Retention and Minimal Effort

Knowing the law is helpful, but not enough to guarantee A’s. The law is just one of many tools you’ll need to ace your exams. In Module 6 we’ll introduce these all of these tools, and teach you how to use them.


Module 7 - The Eagle Eye SystemⓇ - Advanced Essay Writing

This is the BIG one. Mastering the issue spotting exam is the lynchpin to an A in any law school class. The good news is that acing an issue spotting exam isn’t a matter of talent or intelligence, it’s a matter of skill. And skills can be learned. All you need is a little guidance and a system for learning.


Module 8 - Final Take-Aways

Now that you have all the pieces, you just need to put them in place. Here’s where you learn how to work smarter, not harder.


Won’t my law school explain how to do well in law school?


You’d think they would but—no—they won’t. Once you get to law school, everyone from the dean to the lowliest librarian simply assumes you know what you’re doing. But how could you know what you’re doing, you’ve never been to law school?! This is one of the biggest—if not THE biggest—reasons we started Legal Eagle.  


Won’t commercial outlines teach me everything I need to know?


Commercial outlines are a great first-step, but you can’t memorize them—you need to break your legal knowledge down into practical pieces you reference on your exams.  More importantly, you need to learn how to write pithy, hard-hitting essays, and commercial outlines can’t teach you how to do that.


I did really well in undergrad, isn’t enough?


Not even close. Law school is a completely different beast, with completely different exams. As an undergrad, your professor might have asked you to “explain the history of the automobile” on an exam. In law school, your professor is going to give you a box of parts, and ask you to build a car from scratch. Then, your professor is going ask you to race whatever you build against ever other student in the class.    


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