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Think like a lawyer



Ace your exams.

Law school is a challenge unlike any other. If you want A’s, it’s going to take a lot more than good notes and amazing study habits….
It's going to take a competitive edge.
How do we know? -- because we've been there and done it ourselves.

What People Are Saying

"Legal Eagle's Coaching is incredible. The benefit of having someone provide instructional teaching that shows you the actual mechanics of writing a law school exam and organize a workable outline is priceless. When trying to get a sense of the "discretionary grading rubric" of your professor, some learning is just timeless and will not change. This is why James calls exam writing a science and not an art because the methods can be leaned IF taught.   James takes the time to spell out the expectations of law school exam that is actually realistic to the general expectations of law school professors everywhere. That single point alone is what sold me after receiving the same feedback from most of my law school profs, which can be summed up as basically saying that I did not know how to write a law school exam, until now. Law school profs just expect you to give them what they are expecting without ever being shown how. Not only is that ridiculous, but the Masterclass provides guidance - showing you how to go from being clueless to being informed. This class is a goldmine, especially if you attend a school that does not have a commitment to your academic success by way of providing institutional support by way of a robust, resourced, instructional, competent and engaged academic success program."


Boston College Law


Are you going to law school just to go?


Or are you going to law school to CRUSH IT?


Legal Eagle is not for everyone.  It's only for 0L and 1L law students who want to outperform their classmates, obliterate their final exams, and dominate the curve.

Legal Eagle is everything we wish we knew when we went to law school.

These are the strategies and tactics you need to work less, learn more, and lock-up those highly-coveted A’s.    


Work smarter, not harder.


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From the moment you receive your acceptance letter, to the moment you don your cap and gown, Legal Eagle has you covered.  Legal Eagle will teach you to dominate from start to finish.


IN-Depth Education

The Legal Eagle Masterclass is broken into eight high-impact modules. These modules will show you exactly what you need to do, and when you need to do it.


View your modules anytime, anywhere. Study from the library, or study from the comfort of your own home—it doesn’t matter!


Stream Legal Eagle videos on-the-go from any mobile device. Going to be without WiFi or data for awhile? Download the modules onto your device for uninterrupted learning.  


Our instructors worked their butts’ off in law school so you don’t have to. This is BS-free instruction from the very best in the business.


Worried about your preparation? Have a question, but not sure who to ask? The Legal Eagle team is here to help.


Better Grades Guaranteed
Instant Results
You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know
Actually Enjoy Law School
Your Legal Career Depends on Good Grades 
A Smart Investment with Massive ROI

Your casebooks cost thousands of dollars every semester, and come with NO guarantees. Legal Eagle products are a one-time cost at a fraction of the price, and backed by guarantees.

One weekend—that’s the total time commitment we need from you. You give us one weekend, we’ll give you the tools and techniques you need to ace your law school exams.

Final exams start on the first day of the first semester—seriously. If you wait until Thanksgiving to start implementing winning study strategies, you’re dead.

Would you rather hate life for three years or love it? Enjoying law school is a lot easier when you’re crushing your exams.

Fair or unfair, the reality is this—law firms and judges obsess over your grades. If you want the best internships, clerkships, and summer associate opportunities, you need the best grades.  

Graduating from law school is nice, but graduating from law school at the head of your class is a game-changer. The top law firms only pay attention to the top students, it’s as simple as that.

This is how you CRUSH Law School

The Legal Eagle Masterclass is how you hit home-runs in law school.


It is a highly-detailed, highly-refined instruction manual based on everything we wish we knew heading into law school.


It is the guide your law school doesn’t want you to have.


A sober explanation of what to expect. A BS-free strategy guide laden with the tactics you need to concur law school.   


With Legal Eagle, straight A’s can be more than an expectation—they can be a reality.


Join our mailing list to get access to more inside information on law school, participate in our FREE interactive webinars, and get discounts on products.  Tons of useful information. Incredibly valuable law school strategies.   

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